Terms & Conditions

Whistle-blower Policy

The Company provides multiple channels for reporting concerns or complaints related to any form of unethical behaviour, illegal activities, or violations of company policies. Whistle-blowers may use any of the following channels:

Protection and Confidentiality

The Company is committed to maintaining confidentiality to the fullest extent possible. Whistle-blower identities will be protected, and their reports will be treated as confidential, subject to the extent permitted by law and necessary investigations. No whistle-blower shall suffer retaliation or adverse consequences for making a good faith report, provided that the report is not malicious or made with intent to harm or defame another person.


The Company strictly prohibits retaliation against any whistle-blower who makes a report in good faith. Retaliation includes any adverse employment action, such as termination, demotion, harassment, or discrimination. Any employee found to have engaged in retaliatory actions will be subject to disciplinary measures, including potential termination.

Investigation and Resolution

Upon receiving a whistle-blower report, the Company will promptly initiate an investigation to determine the facts and circumstances of the reported concern. The investigation will be conducted fairly, impartially, and discreetly. Whistle-blowers may be required to provide additional information or cooperate in the investigation process. The Company will take appropriate action to address the reported concern based on the investigation findings.

False or Malicious Reports

The Company takes false or malicious reports seriously, as they can have serious consequences for individuals and the organization. Whistle-blowers found to have knowingly made false or malicious reports will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination, and may be held liable for any damages incurred by the Company or individuals affected by their report.

Communication and Awareness

The Company will communicate and distribute this Whistle-blower Policy to all employees, contractors, vendors, and relevant stakeholders. Regular training programs and awareness campaigns will be conducted to ensure that individuals understand the policy and their rights and responsibilities as whistle-blowers.

Legal Protection

This policy does not supersede any legal rights or protections provided under applicable laws or regulations. Whistle-blowers are encouraged to consult with legal counsel to understand their rights and protections in their jurisdiction.

Policy Review

The Company will periodically review and update this Whistle-blower Policy to ensure its effectiveness and alignment with evolving best practices and legal requirements.

By adhering to this Whistle-blower Policy, the Company aims to foster a culture of accountability, transparency, and ethical conduct, where individuals feel safe to raise concerns and help maintain the Company's integrity.