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When an order is placed, a Smart O2 engineer is dispatched with the product to complete the installation and provide you with all necessary instructions on how to use it. Following that, robotization coding takes place. All of our after-sale support is available 24/7, both online and offline. A two-year replacement warranty is also included.


The Smart O2 app is a central platform to control your entire home. The app can be used to configure any electronic device that can connect to the internet. With the smart O2 app, you can monitor and control your entire home from anywhere. Easily turn on and off your devices with a single touch at your own convenience.

Remote access and control

You can check the status of your home and turn on or off the devices even when you are not at home. With the Smart O2 app, you can unlock your doors to let your guests inside without having them wait.

Single Device Control

Smart O2 gives you access to perform numerous tasks like locking and unlocking your doors, monitoring live feed from surveillance cameras, turning on and off your devices, changing the colours of light, adjusting the fan speed, and so on.

Shared Accessibility

Smart O2 is designed to be used by as many people as possible. You can give your friends and family members access to your home.

Set schedules

Create your own personalised routines and automate them to perform daily tasks. With the scene creation option, you can control multiple devices at once. For example, a "good evening" scene can be created to turn on the corridor and living room lights, draw all the curtains down, and set the ambiance.

Smart O2 products are connected to the app via a 2.4- or 4-GHz wireless network. Our smart devices are compatible with Alexa and Google assistant.

Our smart devices include switches, lighting, universal remotes, video doorbells, etc. They can be easily installed without requiring any additional wiring. The retrofit models can be easily set up behind the existing appliances without affecting them.

The Smart O2 app supports Android and iOS version. The Smart O2 app can be downloaded from Google Play and the Apple Store.

There is no limit to the number of users who can access the app.

Almost all of your household appliances can be controlled by Smart O2 . It can control door locks,curtains,lights,fans,surveillance cameras,sensors,music system and many others .

Our installation process is hassle-free and can be completed within a few hours.


The smart plug is divided into two sections: WIFI and switch. The wifi section connects to the local wifi network, and the switch section allows power to reach the connected appliances.

Smart plugs have three states: on, off, and standby. "On" indicates that the device has been identified as being in use. "Off" indicates that it is inactive and consumes no power. "Standby" indicates that the smart plug has detected that the device is consuming significant power but is not active at the time.

Yes, as long as the total current consumption and wattage do not exceed the amperage and wattage of the smart plug or rated switch.

All of the appliances that would normally be connected to a standard wall outlet can be used. Lamps, ceiling fans, and coffee makers can all be linked and controlled remotely using a smartphone.

No, the smart O2 Smart Plug is Wi-Fi enabled and communicates directly with your home Wi-Fi router; no additional hardware is required.

Yes, once the Wi-Fi network is restored, Smart Plug will reconnect automatically and become available for control from all of your smart controller devices.

First, make sure the Wi-Fi network is functional. If there is no problem with the network, unplug and replug the device to see if it reconnects. If the issue persists, perform a factory reset by pressing and holding the power button for 5 seconds before reconfiguring the device.Bring the Wi-Fi router closer to the device.

No. Smart Plug requires no additional wiring and can be easily integrated with your existing 3-pin power outlets.

Smart O 2 products are integrated with the best smart home ecosystems, giving you more options for customising and building your smart home. The devices can be integrated with Google Assistant and Alexa-enabled devices.

Products will only connect to and work with 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi networks.

No, the curtain controller is Wi-Fi enabled and communicates directly with your home Wi-Fi router, so no additional hardware is required.

The curtain controller is devised to work with all AC-powered curtain motors.

First, make sure the Wi-Fi network is active. If there is no problem with the network, simply reset the device and see if it reconnects. Even then, if the issue continues, perform a factory reset and reconfigure the device. Bring the Wi-Fi router closer to the device.

Not at all, switch controllers are made to perfectly fit behind a typical switchboard.

Any kind of rod system and rails up to 10 metres long are compatible with the device.

Instead of buying a new set, you can automate your current curtains with smart settings.

It is simple to integrate curtain controls without damaging the wall with heavy equipment, drilling, or hammering.

Curtain control is configured in the app, which is compatible with Alexa,Siri and Google voice assistants.

The curtain can be opened or closed manually, using an app, or through voice commands.

You can plan ahead and set a certain time for the curtains to open and close. The schedules can also be modified to suit your requirements.

The curtain controls' range can be up to 30 metres, depending on the router.