O2 Automation is a pioneer in smart home technology, dedicated to making your life more exquisite by delving deep into innovation. Our systems are designed for your ease by leveraging the most advanced technology. We deliver a seamless, top-tier automatic control system and an integrated whole-building automation solution that is fine-tuned to dynamically adapt to your needs. We have emerged to streamline your life with a simple touch and make it more comfortable. With a safe and exceptional smart security system and a state-of-the-art automated lighting system, we make life more impactful and bring your ideas to life.

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O2 Automation is a flagship company of Wetzel Barron Infosystem, India’s leading Banking Solutions, supporting businesses work more efficiently through the use of technology. Started as a small initiative six years ago, WBI has witnessed remarkable growth throughout India. Over the years, WBI has established branches at numerous sites and built its domain. WBI has always believed in transforming people's lives with its expertise in services and invaluable knowledge in technology.

O2 Automation was founded with the goal of directly delivering services encompassing innovative technology to people and elevating their living experiences. Our research and development team has produced ground-breaking solutions that promise a sustainable life integrating convenience and technology. O2 has specifically curated home automation services that can alleviate the world's energy demands without compromising the finest technology available.

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