Every person possesses their own needs, and these needs evolve over time. We have been working to customise our products to meet the exact needs of each customer. Our technology is fuelled by the intention to provide clients with cutting-edge technology. We have expanded our efforts to customise every product we offer. The more people feel reliable, the more successful we will be. Our research is focused on two critical areas with the goal of enhancing people's lives.

Advanced safety and monitoring

We have conducted research to prioritise safety and have designed our products to work in tandem. This could be an exceptional advantage to individuals who are constantly away from home or who travel to remain vigilant and secure their home. It is also possible to monitor employee performance and the safety of other family members from any location through our app.

Our extensive research has led us to customise the device so that it works in a specific pattern during the day and another at night. To give an insight on how we can customise the products, let’s look at the case of sensors. During the day, the motion sensor can be configured to detect motion and send alerts instantly, while at night, it can be configured to detect any unwanted motion and spontaneously sync other devices to detect the intrusion. Lights could be turned on sequentially with an alarm going off, and the 3600 cameras could be flexibly titled automatically to get a wide-angle view on the spot of an interruption. Any human body detected is instantly alerted through our app. This could potentially save the residents of the home from a burglary or other misfortunes.

Motion sensors are sensors that analyse and produce signals by decoding the radiation and signals in their immediate environment. We have developed a way to combine two types of sensors to create cutting-edge functionality.

Microwave sensors have excellent sensitivity and can even recognise the movement of leaves and trees. It uses an integrated circuit and 5.8 GHz high-frequency electro-magnetic waves to detect through doors, windows, and thin walls.

The skin temperature of a person is picked up by passive infrared (PIR) sensors. It uses infrared radiation to identify objects, people, and animals. Thermal sensors in PIR motion sensors can be used to detect live things. The PIR motion sensor can detect people or animals because of the heat they produce. It can recognise day and night and adjust the sensors accordingly. They are made especially to be used in small spaces like a car porch,corridors,patios etc. Video door phones could be activated in response to the detection of human body by sensors.

The two sensors could be integrated and customised to produce dual-technology motion sensors that combine multiple sensing technologies. Both sensors must trip simultaneously in order for motion to be detected. As heat and light fluctuations may trip the PIR but not the microwave, or as moving tree branches may trip the microwave but not the PIR, this reduces the likelihood of a false alarm. PIR technology can be used in conjunction with another device to improve accuracy and save energy.

Integrating Devices

Smart home technology could be synchronised to work together, tailored to the needs of the customer. Lights could be supplemented with curtain controllers, so that when the night lights turn off in the morning, curtains could be drawn up. Similarly, all of the products can be integrated with one another as needed.